API plans

Public API Plans


Public subscriptions offer feature rich APIs to create stylish QR codes with logo fast with low latency.


APIs can be integrated into web and mobile applications to generate QR codes on demand.


Common used cases for these APIs are to generate QR codes for marketing campaigns, advertisements or tickets.


Various plans are available to match your volume requirements and include a free-plan to explore our APIs.

QR Code API - Link to public plans on RapidAPI


Low latency

Custom Styling

Logo supported

Various plans and - free to try!

Soft limits on API requests, keep going

Sizes up to 3 inch

High-quality SVG and PNG formats

Private API Plans


These plans are customized to meet capacity requirements via hot servers and auto scaling.


Dedicated API servers deployed at locations of your choice to minimize latency where cloud provider data centers provide a global reach.


We’ll recommend API sever locations based on your requirements and scale the service to balance cost with performance.


You can easily migrate from the public to private plans requiring only minor configuration changes in your applications.

QR Code API - Link to private plans offered by QR meister


Low latency

Custom Styling

Logo supported

Highly scalable to your needs

Unlimited API requests

Sizes up to 10 inch

High-quality SVG and PNG + PDF format

Not sure which API plan to select? Feel free to contact us to help evaluate and advise on your use case.


Our APIs are easy to use, and QR codes are easy to style with our tutorials.

Find examples  below